Hypnosis for Beginners

Hypnosis therapy is also called hypnotherapy. In the clinical sense, it is considered an altered state of perception. During a session, an individual is hyper-focused in this heightened state of mind. They are in a trance where they can block out things that are going on outside of themselves.

Hypnosis is effective in treating phobias, anxiety, alcoholism, smoking, weight problems, and chronic pain. It is used to boost memory and concentration, improve self-esteem and it can be used to control pain during surgery. Dentists use it to control bleeding or tongue biting during dental procedures.

The process of hypnotizing someone causes a shift in consciousness. This change allows the subconscious to rise to the surface and bring more natural changes to light. It helps people realize greater potential because the subconscious is sensitive to suggestions. During a session, a subject is given suggestions to help them in the way in which they wish to take advantage of the hypnosis.

How it Works

The medical and psychological communities agree that there are certain uses for hypnosis. There are differences of opinion as to how it works. Research shows that different people are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestions than others. Some people can be put into a trance more readily than others.

Certified Hypnotists go through extensive training to use it in a clinical setting. They work to use it as a tool to bring about change in psychological and behavioral ways. The mind can use imagery and suggestions to remember how to act upon full consciousness. It is through these proposals that the behavior changes start to occur.

The hypnotist will present various ideas or images to a patient when the patient is in their trance. This territory is where the mind will absorb and receive these without question. When the conscious mind is alert, there are more likely to be blocks or doubts about these suggestions. When a person is in a somnambulistic state, they accept what is being told to them entirely. The clinical hypnotist will only give a patient the suggestions for change that the patient wants.

How to Hypnotize Yourself or Someone Else

There are methods for hypnosis where a clinical hypnotist will guide another person into a hypnotic state. There are also methods whereby an individual can put themselves in a state of trance. This practice is called self-hypnosis.

One simple way that a certified hypnotist will put a patient into a heightened state of awareness is by using something called conversational hypnosis. This is where they will guide an individual to a deeper state using their words.

A patient will lie down, loosen any tight clothing and take off their shoes. The room will be at a comfortable temperature and may or may not be dark. The patient will be told to relax and in a matter of minutes will be put under a trance. The process will take about 20 minutes where the individual will be told, after relaxing, that they are doing the desired behaviors.

For instance, if the patient wants to quit smoking they will be given images and suggestions for stopping. They agree that they do not like the smell of a cigarette or cannot stand the sight of one. They learn things that will encourage them to stop smoking once they are awake.

Patients can get hypnotized at some psychotherapy offices or in a certified clinical hypnotist’s offices. These individuals undergo hours and hours of training and education to become certified and must uphold themselves to high standards of patient care. If you want to become a certified hypnotist, you can find out where to take this coursework through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

You do not need to be certified to attempt a self-hypnosis session. By doing hypnosis on yourself, you also gain a better understanding of the process and the results.

The Process

To hypnotize yourself you need to be in a slightly darkened room that is at a comfortable temperature. Be sure to turn off any phones or alarms. You might want to set a timer for 20 minutes just in case you fall asleep.

You want to lie down or sit comfortably and close your eyes. Tell yourself to become calm or relaxed. Breathe in deep and hold it for a few counts. Breathe out through your mouth. As you do this try counting backward from 20 to zero.

Some people like to use visualization at this point. You might see yourself going into an elevator and watching the doors close. As you go count down from 20 to zero you might see the numbers on the elevator panel descend along with your counting. It helps to use visualization as best you can.

Try to see and feel everything with your mind’s eye. Once you reach your desired count, give yourself the suggestion that you are already hypnotized. See yourself getting off the elevator or coming down that last step if you pretended to descend a flight of stairs.

At this point, you might begin the session where you tell yourself that you are doing what you wish to be doing when you are conscious. For instance, you see yourself no longer afraid of flying in an airplane. You see yourself sitting in a seat during takeoff and feeling completely at peace.

If you want to lose weight, use this opportunity to see yourself standing on a scale and feeling happy at your weight loss progress. The idea is to use this heightened sense of focus to get your subconscious mind to absorb these suggestions.

Once you are fully conscious, you will begin behaving in the manner in which you suggested to yourself during your hypnosis session. Always indicate behaviors positively and use the present tense. You can then count yourself awake by counting from zero to 20. Use a particular type of journal or diary to keep track of your progress.

The process will get easier and easier. After you have become comfortable with traditional hypnosis, you may enter into more advanced techniques like remote viewing, past life regression, and telekinesis. Enjoy the incredible power that hypnosis can bring!

The Art of Regression Healing

Regression healing is a modern-day miracle for those that are in need. It’s a miraculous therapy designed to treat problems at their very core, and stop them from surfacing ever again.  We all have heard about traditional methods of regression that deal with visiting childhood moments again.  However, this type of regression is different.  There is a healing component that utilizes the powerful energy of an individual’s oversoul to heal.

There is no better time then now to grow your practice and learn these new skills.  So, step forward into a brighter future with these new skills and techniques.  When you combine this type of treatment with more traditional psychotherapy methods, you’ll notice significantly better results.

Lets grow together and form a brighter future full of happy, capable people walking planet earth.